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These pumpkin designs are so gourd. Sorry, we couldn’t resist. 

Besides the costumes, candy, and all around spooky sights, carving pumpkins may be our favorite activity here at One65 Main complex. If you don’t have a pumpkin carving kit, better get yours quick! Fortunately, there are pretty inexpensive tools you can find online. 

There are countless designs out there, but we decided to round up our absolute favorites: 

Odd Job 

Orange pumpkin with a startled expression, resembling a surprised or shocked face

Pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes. Oddly formed squash deserve some love too. This surprised creation was cobbled together with artificial nails, black sequins, and seashell coins. 

Zipper Mouth

Orange pumpkin adorned with exaggerated human-like makeup, creating a playful and whimsical effect

Zip it! No; this isn’t a Slipknot tribute. Slightly cute, yet a little sinister, the so-called Zipper Mouth is pretty easy to create. Just incorporate black buttons, a wide black ribbon, and a linoleum zipper. 

Pumpkin Basket 

Black pumpkin with "Take One" written on it, filled with delicious chocolate—a tempting Halloween treat for all

Are you going to be out and about this Halloween? Don’t have a candy basket to leave out for the kids? No problem. Craft a useful front door display by gutting a pumpkin and painting it black. Write your trick-or-treat greetings on the outside in chalk. 

Crypt Diorama

Orange pumpkin with a spooky grave scene set up inside, creating a Halloween-themed decoration

Gut a pumpkin and fill it with whatever spooky things you can find. This creative display has reindeer moss, twigs, and a full moon composed of a Ping-Pong ball and a thin string. Even throw in little mini graves made of small rocks and writing. 

Flower Power Pumpkin 

Pink pumpkin with flower eyes and playful vampire teeth, set against a backdrop of dark brown wooden flooring and walls

This is definitely for the hipster set. An artsy flower offering is part malevolent and part designer. Simply paint the pumpkin your favorite colors (the brighter the better). Then, make holes for the eyes and place in the floral peepers of your choice. Scary fake teeth should be from Spirit Halloween Store… and not Grandpa’s stolen dentures.